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ACLS Addresses Humanities Job Market Challenges

In October, the American Council of Learned Societies announced a new initiative, supported by a grant from the Mellon Foundation, to address the challenges new humanities Ph.D.s are facing in the job market. According to an ACLS news announcement, the New Faculty Fellows program will allow 50 recent Ph.D.s in the humanities and humanistic social sciences to begin two-year positions at universities and colleges, where their particular research and teaching expertise will benefit the receiving institution. Awardees will teach three semester-length courses each year and receive an annual stipend of $50,000, a $5,000 annual research and travel allowance, health insurance, and a $1,500 one-time moving allowance.

Program applicants must be nominated by the university that awarded their Ph.D. Nominations are currently limited to the 60 U.S. members of the American Association of Universities, each of which has designated a liaison for the New Faculty Fellows program. The ACLS advises possible applicants at participating institutions to contact their advisor or department or program chair for further information on the program.

The program was first announced on October 13 on Inside Higher Ed.  

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