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Dr. Matthew Wasniewski Appointed New House Historian

Appointment follows retirement of Dr. Robert Remini earlier this year

November 1, 2010 – Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on October 20 the appointment of Dr. Matthew Wasniewski as the new Historian of the House of Representatives.  Dr. Wasniewski, who currently serves as the historian in the House Clerk’s Office of History and Preservation, received the unanimous recommendation of the House Historian Search Committee appointed by Speaker Pelosi with the input of House Republican Leader John Boehner who concurred on the appointment. The appointment of Dr. Wasniewski follows the retirement of Dr. Robert Remini as Historian earlier this year after serving for five years.  Speaker Pelosi decided at that time to have a panel of distinguished historians conduct an impartial and professional search for the replacement, rather than rely simply on a Speaker appointment, as House rules permit.

The members of the search committee included:

The Search Committee also recommended the consolidation of the existing Office of the Historian with the Office of History and Preservation, which is located in the office of the House Clerk, Lorraine Miller.  Speaker Pelosi had asked the Committee to consider the consolidation of the two offices in order to reduce duplication, improve efficiency, and cut costs.

A press release from Speaker Pelosi’s office is available here.

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