Advocacy Resources

The resources below are designed for advocacy across context, whether you are preparing for a meeting on the Hill, writing an op-ed, or spreading the word on social media. 

Case-Making Resources

These resources will help you prepare for a meeting with a Member of Congress or write an op-ed about the value of federal humanities funding. Our NEH for All initiative showcases the national value of the NEH. We've distilled some of the most compelling arguments in our NEH Talking Points document. The databases of NEH and Title VI grants, meanwhile, will help you bolster your argument with examples from your district.


NEH for All NEH Talking Points

Find NEH Grants Find Title VI Grants

Meeting Resources

How can you best prepare for meetings with Congressional staffers and Members of Congress? How are the meetings likely to unfold and how should you follow up? Check out our Advocacy Guide.


Advocacy Guide District Advocacy Guide 


At the end of a meeting, you can leave behind the issue briefs for the programs you've discussed. Download them here.  


Humanities Policy Priorities Booklet