Advocate on Campuses

NHA supports faculty and administrators in recruiting students to the humanities, making the case for the value of studying the humanities, and confronting threatened cuts to departments. 


Study the Humanities Toolkit

Explore our Study the Humanities toolkit for qualitative and quantitative data on the value of studying the humanities as an undergraduate.

Strategies for Recruiting Students to the Humanities

Learn about more than 100 effective strategies for reversing declining enrollments and revitalizing departments. Read our report.

Document the Impact of the Humanities in Higher Education 

Partner with us to learn how your courses and programs shape students' perceptions of the humanities. Learn how you can document your impact.

Member Consultations

We offer tailored workshops and one-on-one consulting to support our members’ efforts to recruit more students to the humanities. If you are already a member, contact us for more information. Not yet a member? Become a member today.