Call for Videos

The National Humanities Alliance is pleased to issue this call to produce short videos offering first-person testimonials that bring the voices of those engaged in the humanities to a broad audience through social media. Those who are engaged in humanities research, teaching, preservation, and programming can be extremely effective at conveying the richness, impact, and overall value of the humanities simply by describing their work or their experience in concrete terms. By producing and disseminating short videos of your students, teachers, researchers, archivists, alumni, docents, program producers, participants, and audience members, you can highlight the importance of your organization’s work and promote the humanities. Click here to download a pdf with specifications and sample interview questions.

Whom you should interview:

  • students (undergraduate, graduate, and secondary)
  • teachers
  • researchers
  • archivists
  • alumni
  • producers of public programs
  • public program participants and audience members
  • volunteers and docents

Videos should appeal to a general audience and convey the specific experience of the speaker, rather than broad definitions or arguments for the humanities. They should be between one and three minutes in length. Videos should not require significant planning, rather they should be conducted interview-style. We have provided a series of sample questions to guide you. Click here to download a pdf with specifications and sample interview questions.

You can do more or less production work depending on your organization’s technical resources and ability. Those with greater ability and resources may wish to heavily edit the raw footage and integrate still images, music, and titles into the video. Those with fewer resources, can simply isolate the most compelling minute as the completed video and convey context through the video caption.

Use a comfortable location with adequate natural light that is not coming from behind the speaker. Avoid filming at the speaker’s desk.

Video formats:
We recommend that you record in High Definition 1080i or 1080p, edit to 1080 Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) and publish to the web 1080i mp4 using the H.264 codec.

You will have the potential to reach a large audience by publishing your videos through the most popular social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as on your own website. The National Humanities Alliance YouTube channel will serve as a clearinghouse for select videos.

Do you already have videos? If you have already produced videos, please let us know about them by sending an e-mail to

Please contact the National Humanities Alliance staff at 202-296-4994 with any questions.