Community Case Studies

Through its Community Case Studies initiative, the National Humanities Alliance is documenting the impact of a broad range of humanities work on public life in three American communities. By capturing the cumulative impact of this work on community life, NHA can better advocate for state, local, and federal policies that support the humanities.

Deep dives into specific locales

By researching the humanities in Charleston, South Carolina, Nogales, Arizona, and Rapid City, South Dakota, NHA aims to offer a detailed picture of the humanities landscape, accounting for humanities organizations large and small, as well as humanities work being done by other formal and informal community organizations, including: 

  • Archives
  • Community and Neighborhood Associations
  • Folk and Traditional Heritage Organizations
  • Higher Ed Humanities Departments and Centers
  • Historic Sites
  • Historical Societies
  • Humanities Councils
  • Identity-based groups
  • Independent Humanities Organizations
  • Libraries
  • Literacy Organizations
  • Local Governments
  • Museums
  • Professional Organizations
  • Religious Organizations

The project is documenting the particular public impacts of the humanities in each place and exploring the policies, partnerships, and resources that sustain each community.

Representing a diverse range of U.S. communities

These three locations represent a diverse range of U.S. communities, showcasing the rich array of humanities work taking place within them and the variety of issues with which it is engaged. And we will illuminate what humanities organizations—especially underserved organizations—need to continue serving their communities in robust ways.

Building capacity in humanities organizations

Throughout this multi-year project, NHA is working with the communities to provide resources and workshops aimed at documenting and communicating the impact of humanities programs. Over time, we will convene members of these communities, providing opportunities to build partnerships and share strengths.

For more information about the Community Case Studies initiative, contact Cecily Hill, Director of Community Initiatives ([email protected]).