Contribute to Humanities for All

Over the last two years, our Humanities for All initiative has worked to document and promote publicly engaged humanities research, teaching, preservation, and programming in U.S. higher education. The initiative brings together over 1,500 examples, showcasing the range of humanities work conducted with and for communities by scholars at universities, colleges, and scholarly societies across the United States.

In Baltimore, faculty and students have worked with communities to amplify culture and community voices in their changing neighborhoods.

In Salt Lake City, honors students have partnered with community members to create powerful documentaries sharing their experiences

On Standing Rock Reservation, faculty and staff are working with fluent speakers to invigorate the endangered Dakota/Lakota language.

To keep pace with the growth and increasing diversity of publicly engaged work across the humanities, we are inviting recommendations of work to include in the Humanities for All website. 

If you are aware of publicly engaged research, teaching, preservation, or programming that should be included in Humanities for All, we would be grateful if you shared its information via our submission portal.

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