High Impact Grants to Inspire Your Next NEH Application

NEHforAll.org showcases high-impact projects funded by the full range of NEH grant lines. In addition to serving as a resource for advocates, the website acts as a resource for those interested in applying for NEH grants. It’s a place to learn about successful NEH-funded projects—how they were structured and what their impacts were. With a few NEH grant deadlines approaching, we’ve curated a list of NEH for All profiles that might help you in applying for two of these grant lines.

Summer Stipends
Due September 22, 2021

The NEH’s Fellowships programs get more attention, but the competitive summer stipends have long-lasting impacts on careers and lead to research that gets a strong reception. 

Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants
Due September 28, 2021

The NEH’s Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants grew out of the Challenge Grants program and are closely aligned with past grant awards and outcomes.

  • A-State Heritage Sites used a Challenge Grant to help preserve the Historic Dyess Colony. Its Johnny Cash Annual Heritage Festival is one example of the humanities programming that grew out of the grant.
  • A Challenge Grant helped Washington College launch new programs to support the craft of historical writing at the Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience.
  • A series of Challenge Grants has helped transform the Dubuque County Historical Society into the world-class National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, now a linchpin in the local economy. 
  • A Challenge Grant helped the City of Seward, Alaska, build the Seward Community Library & Museum in 2013. The building performs a wide range of functions for the rural community and is the only public institution in the city for people of all ages.

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