Humanities Action Networks

NHA is developing a model for district-level advocacy that will mobilize the humanities communities in fifty Congressional districts that are strategically-important for building support in Congress for humanities funding. These mobilized humanities communities will contact their Members of Congress to:

  • advocate for federal humanities funding;
  • communicate information about humanities activities in the district; and
  • extend invitations to the Member of Congress and his/her staff to attend local humanities events.


Each Network will have its own website

We will supply each Humanities Action Network with its own website that will serve as a focal point for its activities. This website—which will be managed by NHA staff and a district captain—will allow advocates to

  • sign up to receive alerts;
  • send messages in support of the humanities to their elected officials; and
  • see information on humanities resources within their district and a calendar of humanities events within the district.



Humanities Action Network websites will feature resources such as this map of NEH grants to organizations in South Florida. These resources will help advocates convey the impact of federal funding to a Member of Congress.

Stay Tuned!

In fall 2015, we will launch pilot Humanities Action Networks in two areas. We will begin launching additional Humanities Action Networks in 2016.