Humanities Advocacy Day Resources

Advocacy Guide


The Advocacy Guide offers an overview of how to prepare for, conduct, and follow up after meetings on the Hill. It also offers a brief overview of each of our funding priorities. We will also provide a hard copy of the Advocacy Guide on March 11.


Advocacy Guide


Advocacy Training Videos


We filmed two videos to help you prepare for the Hill visits:

1)      The first video, Preparing for Advocacy Day, offers a recap of recent funding trends, an overview of the budget and appropriations process, and an explanation of how to conduct a meeting.

2)      The second video, Anatomy of a Meeting, shows what meetings with the offices of three different Members of Congress might look like.


Humanities Policy Priorities Booklet


Our Humanities Policy Priority booklet offers detailed information about our funding priorities. It is also intended as a handout for Congressional offices, and we will provide hard copies on March 11th both for reference and for distribution.

Humanities Policy Priorities


NEH Brochure


Our NEH for All Brochure offers a deeper dive into four ways that the NEH contributes to public life. It is also intended both for your reference and as a handout for Hill offices, and we will provide hard copies on March 11.

NEH for All Brochure