Summer 2023 Virtual Workshop on Documenting Impact

Summer 2023 Virtual Workshop on Documenting Impact

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new resource, Documenting the Impact of the Public Humanities in Higher Education: A Toolkit

This resource grows out of partnerships we have developed over the last several years with faculty and administrators to help them document the impact of public humanities projects. With generous support from the Whiting Foundation, we have created this resource to share what we have learned about documenting the impact of the public humanities in higher ed, including overviews of research methodologies, tips and tricks for writing questions, and how to analyze data. Anyone—not just those in the public humanities—will find this 54-page resource a useful place to start if you are interested in collecting data on the impact of higher ed-based courses and initiatives to share with institutional stakeholders, policymakers, granting organizations, communities, and more. 

With the launch of this toolkit, we are pleased to invite you to register for a virtual workshop on documenting impact that will build on the content of the toolkit and provide an opportunity for you to consider impact research as it relates to your own work. Attendees will be provided with templates that they can use to develop an impact research plan for their specific projects. We will provide attendees with a packet of materials including the toolkit, impact research plan template, and sample research instruments relevant to their work. 

We are offering the same workshop on two dates this summer: 

Workshop 1: June 22, 1:00 pm Eastern  

Workshop 2: July 25, 3:00 pm Eastern

The deadline for a full refund is June 15 for the first workshop and July 18 for the second workshop. 


Register Here


Please share this resource with your colleagues and we hope to see you at a workshop this summer!