Member organizations support NHA's efforts to: cultivate support for humanities funding in the executive and legislative branches of the federal government; advocate for policies that advance humanities research, programming, preservation, and teaching; and promote engagement with an appreciation for the humanities among the general public.

Members are active participants in NHA's advocacy efforts, and NHA provides them with expertise and resources to expand their advocacy capacity.   


Benefits of Membership

The following benefits are available to NHA members:

  • an Advocacy Toolkit for your website, including action alerts and advocacy training materials
  • advocacy training for your members, faculty, or staff
  • scheduling and coordination of Congressional visits for your members, faculty, or staff
  • advice on federal advocacy issues of particular interest to your organization
  • delivery of your organization's policy letters to Members of Congress
  • custom Action Alerts on federal issues that are particularly relevant to your organization
  • invitations to Congressional Humanities Caucus events
  • assistance with designing panels on advocacy for your conferences
  • regular updates about our work and alerts on breaking news in Washington
  • NHA-authored blog posts for your website and columns for your newsletter, magazine, or pamphlet
  • NHA staff to speak at your event or join a call with your members, faculty, or staff
  • a discounted rate for registration to our Annual Meeting
  • quarterly conference calls with Washington policymakers



Membership in the National Humanities Alliance (NHA) is open to 501(c)(3) organizations that are involved in the humanities. 


Membership Categories

There are two membership categories: Active and Associate. Active members are eligible to participate in the governance of NHA through election to the Board of Directors. Associate members participate in all other activities of NHA but are not eligible for board representation.

Active Members 

Dues for Active membership organizations, such as scholarly societies or associations of higher education institutions, start at $1,000 and are calculated by taking .3% of (Line 18 (Total Expenses) from the IRS Form 990 minus Line 13 (Grants Given)). In calculating dues, consideration is given to organizations where members are not all humanists. 

Dues for Active non-membership organizations that do not have individual members are determined by the category of organization as follows:

Research Universities $2,500      
Colleges and Master's Universities         $1,000        

Museums, Archives, Historical Societies



Associate Members

Associate level memberships in the Alliance are tiered by an organization’s expenses and begin at $650.

Expense range* Dues
<1,000,000 $650
>1,000,000 and <2,500,000 $1,000
>2,500,000 and <7,500,000    $3,000


*990 Line 18 (total expenses) - Line 13 (grants given)


To Join

Click here to download a membership form. 

Please contact Kassandra Wahlstrom, Administrative Assistant, at (202) 296-4994 x160 or with questions about membership in the National Humanities Alliance.