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Senate Releases FY 2022 Appropriations Bills

Press Review: Articulating the Value of Undergraduate Humanities Education for Confronting the Crises of the Moment

Our Study the Humanities toolkit includes collections of compelling articles published in popular publications on the value of the humanities, offering humanities advocates a set of ready-made, accessible arguments to share with prospective students and those who influence their decision-making. We update these article collections periodically, taking stock of trends in coverage of undergraduate humanities education in the popular press.

NHA on the Hill: Funding Diverse Histories and Civics in K–12 Education

On September 15, the National Humanities Alliance produced a virtual briefing that discussed NEH funding for diverse histories and civics in K–12 education. Since 2018, NHA has worked with over 20 NEH-funded professional development programs for K-12 educators to survey their impacts. Cecily Hill, director of community initiatives, was joined in discussion by four of the project directors we’ve worked with: Alice Nash, Rolando Herts, Stacey Greer, and Ray Locker. The event was a fruitful opportunity for congressional staff and others to hear about the data we’ve collected on these programs over the past 3 years that attest to their tremendous value, and to hear directly from project directors about how these programs offer crucial professional development to our nation’s educators, illuminate diverse histories, and support civic education in our nation’s classrooms.

A Look Back at Our Summer Webinars on Undergraduate Recruitment Strategies

This summer we delved into recruitment strategies featured in our new report, Strategies for Recruiting Students to the Humanities: A Comprehensive Resource, through a four-part webinar series. Each virtual event explored a range of approaches featured within a particular chapter of the report: (1) Articulating Career Pathways, (2) Curricular Innovations, (3) Cultivating a Marketing Mindset, and (4) Fostering Humanities Identity and Community. Panelists representing a wide range of institutions and roles shared how they built successful programs, distilled lessons they learned along the way, and answered questions from the audience. Check out the event page for a full list of presenters.

Celebrating 2,000 Projects on Humanities for All

This week over at Humanities for All we reached an exciting milestone - our database of publicly engaged humanities projects now holds over 2,000 entries!

High Impact Grants to Inspire Your Next NEH Application showcases high-impact projects funded by the full range of NEH grant lines. In addition to serving as a resource for advocates, the website acts as a resource for those interested in applying for NEH grants. It’s a place to learn about successful NEH-funded projects—how they were structured and what their impacts were. With a few NEH grant deadlines approaching, we’ve curated a list of NEH for All profiles that might help you in applying for two of these grant lines.

Good news for the humanities in FY 22 emerging from the House

Over the past week, the House appropriations subcommittees have begun releasing bills and passing them out of subcommittee. Yesterday, the House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee passed its FY 22 appropriations bill containing $201 million each for the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts. This reflects an increase of $33.5 million for each agency. When the President’s Budget Request was released a few weeks ago, it included a more robust increase for the NEA than the NEH. We have spent the past several weeks working closely with our Hill allies to ensure that the NEH receives the same increase and are pleased to see that it did in the House bill.

On Community Partnership: An Interview with Kyera Singleton from the Royall House and Slave Quarters

In the 18th century, the Royall House and Slave Quarters was home to the largest enslavers in Massachusetts and the enslaved Black women, men, and children, who made their lavish way of life possible. Today, the Royall House and Slave Quarters is a site of memory. The museum’s architecture, household items, archaeological artifacts, and public programs center the histories and lived experiences of enslaved people while bearing witness to intertwined stories of wealth, bondage, and contestations of freedom in Massachusetts.

Advisors as Recruitment Allies: Fostering Humanities Identity and Community

Advising staff are key allies in recruitment; after all, they are the ones who help students select their courses and major/minor(s). The history department at the University of Oklahoma has shown how professional advisors can make a significant impact on recruitment far beyond their 1:1 advising responsibilities.

Good news for humanities advocate in the President's Budget Request

On Friday, the Biden administration released its FY 22 budget request which included increases for many of our priorities. While this is only a request and Congress will ultimately craft spending bills, the increases in the administration’s proposal are thanks to the ongoing efforts of humanities advocates and show that the Biden administration understands the value of these programs.