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Humanities for All: Goals of the Publicly Engaged Humanities

NEH Impact in New Orleans: Fostering a Collaborative Humanities Community

This past November, the National Humanities Alliance traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana for the National Humanities Conference. While there, we had the opportunity to explore NEH-funded work currently being undertaken in the city:

Protecting Cultural Heritage Through the Alliance for Response

In Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands, cultural organizations are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria. In Brazil, curators and historians are only beginning to reckon with the damage caused when its National Museum burned last September. Disasters and the corresponding damage to historical and cultural collections are inevitable—but they can also be predicted and prepared for. This work is undertaken by the Alliance for Response (AFR), a network of cultural organizations that is supported by the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artist Works (FAIC) and funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

NEH Impact: Celebrating Veterans All Year Long

For many Americans, Veterans Day is an all too rare invitation to consider the sacrifices made by those who have served in the armed forces. Many have noted that the all-volunteer nature of today’s professional military, representing less than 1 percent of Americans, has deepened the civilian-military divide. The fact that a majority of volunteers come from military families only exaggerates the issue; a growing number of Americans have no direct link to the military.

Humanities Advocacy and the Power of Public Engagement in Kentucky

Bowling Green, Kentucky is home to nearly 5,000 Bosnian-Americans, many of whom came fleeing war and ethnic cleansing in the 1990s. In late September 2017, the Bosnian-American community of Bowling Green came together to open “A Culture Carried: Bosnians in Bowling Green” at Western Kentucky University’s Kentucky Museum. The exhibition, which was recently extended through May 11, 2019, represents a product of the university and community’s ongoing collaboration to document and present Bosnian-American culture.

NEH Impact: An In-District Meeting with Rep. Nita Lowey

“I can see how important this work is to our communities.”
- Representative Nita Lowey, D-N.Y. 

Time and again, Members of Congress have told us that they need to better understand the impact of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) on their districts so that they can prioritize the humanities among other needs. In order to foster this understanding, we have begun collaborating on a series of district-based conversations aimed at providing a forum for NEH grantees to share their stories.

Empowering Veterans Through the Arts and Humanities

In October we celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month, and this week we join forces with Americans for the Arts to feature the extensive arts and humanities programming that serves our nation’s veterans. In a recent post, we briefly traced the expansion of NEH programs for veterans over the last decade, highlighting the therapeutic benefits of bringing veterans together to discuss literature about war and share their stories. Many of these Dialogues on the Experience of War programs also provide veterans with opportunities to experiment with a wide variety of artistic and literary techniques for expressing themselves.

Humanities for All: The View From 30,000 Feet

When we launched Humanities for All in July, it included a sortable database of over 1,400 publicly engaged humanities projects. For the first time, humanities practitioners, administrators, and advocates had access to a large-scale nationwide cross-section of work in the field. For example, a philosophy graduate student could find a whole corpus of philosophy projects or dig in more specifically and search for projects in their discipline that are based at a community college and address immigration. Building this database has offered a unique perspective on the field, from which a number of patterns have emerged concerning the methods, impacts, and communication of the publicly engaged humanities.

Supporting Communities Through Arts and Humanities

It’s National Arts and Humanities Month, and today we are joining forces with Americans for the Arts to illuminate the ways that the arts and humanities can work together to cultivate community. Tastefully South Jersey, a program that celebrated the diverse culinary traditions of Burlington, Gloucester, and Camden counties this past summer, is a perfect example of how the arts and humanities can help a community explore the breadth and depth of its cultural heritage. With support from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the National Endowment for the Arts, and New Jersey’s state councils for the arts and humanities, the Perkins Center for the Arts hosted an engaging temporary exhibition and extensive public programming.

Celebrate Arts and Humanities Month With NEH-Funded Research

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) supports humanities research through a number of grant lines, among them fellowships and summer stipends for researchers and the Public Scholar program. These grants, which typically result in a published book or article, often have effects that reverberate far beyond the individual grant product.