Featured Speakers

Richard_Campanella.JPGRichard Campanella
Opening Keynote

Professor Richard Campanella, geographer with the Tulane School of Architecture, is also the author of ten books and more than 200 articles on the geography, history, and culture of the New Orleans region and related topics. His research integrates the mapping sciences and spatial analyses with the social sciences and humanities and has been praised by The New York Review of Books, Journal of Southern History, Urban History, Places, Louisiana History, The Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association, and other forums. Campanella is a two-time winner of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Book of the Year Award. For Richard Campanella's full bio, please click here.


Jon Parrish Peede, NEH ChairmanOfficial_Photo_for_Jon_Parrish_Peede_NEH_Chairman.jpg
NEH Address

Jon Parrish Peede is Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. His previous positions include publisher of the Virginia Quarterly Review (VQR) at the University of Virginia, literature grants director at the National Endowment for the Arts, counselor to NEA Chairman Dana Gioia, director of the NEA Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience program, director of the NEA Big Read program, director of communications at Millsaps College, founding editor of Millsaps Magazine, and editor at Mercer University Press with a focus on the humanities. For Jon Parrish Peede's full bio, please click here.


Michael_White.JPGMichael White
Closing Keynote

Dr. Michael White is an accomplished, multi-faceted New Orleans-based clarinetist, bandleader, composer, musicologist, jazz historian, and educator widely regarded as one of the leading authorities and culture-bearers of traditional New Orleans jazz music. He has performed in over two dozen foreign countries, played on over 50 recordings, received countless awards, made multiple national television appearances, and been featured in major media publications. For Michael White's full bio, please click here.