Top Three Advocacy Tips from the NHC!

What’s your #1 piece of humanities advocacy advice?

We’ve asked conference participants who spend a chunk of their time advocating for the humanities what one piece of advice they would offer humanities advocates. Check out their sessions at the National Humanities Conference to learn more!

“Build and nurture your relationships with Congressional staffers. Meet on the Hill, be responsive to their requests, and keep the connection alive between face-to-face meetings through your digital media platforms, relevant e-mails, and timely event e-blasts.” ~ Christianna Shortridge, Christianna Shortridge Consulting

“Always tell a story. People remember a story, especially if it’s personal to them. Demonstrate the impact of your work by sharing examples with specific personal connections to your target audience or policymaker.” ~ Katie Steen, AAU

“Whether you are making the case for the public value of humanities programs in your community or for the value of studying the humanities as an undergraduate, think broadly about the audiences you need to reach. For example, in addition to local elected officials, chambers of commerce and civic organizations can be important supporters.” ~ Stephen Kidd, NHA

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