Tailored Presentations and Workshops

These programs are tailored to the particular needs on a campus and grow out of a pre-meeting about specific challenges and/or goals related to engaging students in the humanities or bolstering the public humanities on campus. Tailored presentations bring to bear detailed models and strategies that align with the institution's needs and constraints. Workshops are designed to help participants create action plans for envisioning and implementing new initiatives or documenting the impact of existing work. Tailored presentations and workshops can be developed for various groups on campus including humanities deans and department chairs; career services and admissions offices; and faculty or fellows involved in public humanities programs.

Examples of presentations and workshops:

  • A workshop for a cohort of Mellon-funded public humanities faculty, students, and community partners to surface national examples of how to expand course-based public humanities projects outside the classroom.
  • A workshop on how to harness the energy around an existing project to scale it up, building off models of similar projects. 
  • A presentation for humanities faculty, administrators, and department chairs at a large private university that delved into campus specific goals and challenges in recruiting students to the humanities; introduced models of exemplary initiatives from peer institutions; and facilitated a collaborative effort to identify promising and viable models that might be adapted to the campus context.